Model T-68
Model T-68

Precision Digital Barometer
Model T-68

■LED display
■High precision
■Stable operation among long-range
■2way analog output
■RS-232Cinter face
■500〜1300hPa wide range

■Measuring range:500〜1300hPa
■Sensor:Silicon resonant sensor
■Accuracy:±0.15hPa ー20〜+50℃
■Display:LED display
  ■Digital Output/Input:RS-232C(JIS.X5101)
■Analog Output:DC0〜1V or 4〜20mA
■Output range:500〜1300hPa
            every 10hPa can be possible to set
■Weight :about 4.0Kg
■Standard color:beige
■Outer Case Material:steel
■Surrounding condition:-20〜50℃ less than 90%RH
■Made in Japan
■Attachment:@3P Power code 1
           AHandling Manual 1
           BCross-cable 1
           C2P3P conversion adepter 1
           DSoftware package 1
           Efuse 2